Congrats on the new release!

Just curious - what are the differences between Lift Actor and Akka Actor when
used locally?

On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 11:18 PM, Charles F. Munat <> wrote:
> The Lift Web Framework team is pleased to announce the lift-1.1-M7 release!
> Lift is an expressive and elegant framework for writing web
> applications. Lift stresses the importance of security, maintainability,
> scalability and performance while allowing for high levels of developer
> productivity. Lift is a Scala web framework.
> Changes in this version include:
> New features:
> o Enhanced the documentation for an type signatures for Actors
> o Revised Lift to use LiftActors and be compatible with Akka Actors
> o DB.runQuery isn't ConnectionIdentifier-aware  Issue: 125.
> o JSON diff and merge
> o Add parameterized ?? to S  Issue: 82.
> Fixed Bugs:
> o Textile parser outputs non-valid output. Changed some null to Null.
> Issue: 94. Thanks to vdichev.
> o S.deleteCookie broken in M6  Issue: 126.
> o Misspelling in field name in ProtoExtendedSession  Issue: 119.
> o net.liftweb.widgets.autocomplete in version 1.1-M6
>         changed return type from NodeSeq to Elem  Issue: 120.
> o StatefulSnippets generate invalid markup  Issue: 122.
> o Stacked URL Rewriting correctly deals with params  Issue: 143.
> o Simplified Factory signatures in LiftRules  Issue: 141.
> o Use paranamer to find out case class constructor argument names
> o Enhance CRUDify i18n  Issue: 84.
> o Inaccurate ranges for previous and next (page) in CRUDify  Issue: 87.
> o No i18n for "Sign Up" in MetaMegaProtoUser.signupXhtm  Issue: 81.
> o Lost password submit button is not rendered correctly  Issue: 111.
> o Signup mail body not i18ned  Issue: 113.
> o Misspelled Key "pasword.changed" in ProtoUser.scala  Issue: 114.
> o Enhance Msgs snippet to optionally show all messages  Issue: 123.
> o MappedPassword contains misspelled key for unset password  Issue: 157.
> Changes:
> o Improve error message if database is not supported  Issue: 57.
> o Change net.liftweb.mapper.ByList to take a Seq[T] instead of a List[T]
>  Issue: 77.
> o Boxed payment status so that IPN cancelations appear as
>         Empty. Breaking API change for implementors.  Issue: 88.
> o Updated Lift to use Scala 2.7.7  Issue: 142.
> o Restructured Lift codebase (now categorized into lift-base,
> lift-persistence, lift-modules, lift-archetypes and lift-examples).
> Issue: 127.
> o Project build models are more enriched and streamlined.  Issue: 128.
> o Generalized JSON serialization
> Have fun!
> -Lift Web Framework team
> >

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