Currently I have a jetty webapp that uses continuations and actors to
scale to many connections. While this isn't a lift question per se I
was hoping the folks on this list could help since it's my
understanding that Lift does similar stuff under certain setups.

Basically, the functionality that I'm testing receives a request,
suspends it via jetty continuations, and fires it off to an actor for
processing.  Once the work is done (some benchmark database requests,
usually on the order of 10 to 100ms) the continuation is resumed and
results are returned.

As I scale up to 1000+ concurrents in apache benchmark, I notice that
the vast majority of time from receipt of the request to response, is
between when the continuation is suspended and when my actor receives
the message.  This strikes me as bizarre since I'm monitoring the
mailbox and it never grows to a size larger than 1 or 2.  It gets to
the point where requests are taking 10 seconds to come back and 9.5 of
those seconds are my actor waiting to receive the work request.

Throughout the load test the database does not become stressed.

Any thoughts on this?  I guess I'm hoping there is something basic
that I'm doing wrong.  Just in case, I've tried creating an actor pool
to receive the work requests but that apparently has no effect on the

My only speculation at this point is that perhaps the reason messages
are taking so long to get to my actor is because jetty itself is
overloaded trying to queue requests but that is just a guess.


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