Sorry if i am asking a lot of questions lately, but i am trying to get
this project of mine working so i can write about the specific
problems i ran into and how they got done.

        def subnets(xhtml: NodeSeq): NodeSeq = {
                val content = IPnet.findAll(OrderBy(, 
=> {

                        /* Bind the xml */
                        bind("ip", xhtml,
                                "subnet" -> Text(,
                                "action" -> SHtml.a(expand(ip.subnet) _, "See 
all IPs")


        def expand(subnet: String): JsCmd = {
      "Requested subnet %s".format(subnet))
                Alert("subnet %s was requested".format(subnet))

The Problem is the "action" that gets binded. I don't get how i have
to use SHtml.a to pass a value to the called function. Any hints?

Thank you very much in advance
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