Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately, I'm not particularly 
knowledgeable about this area so I do not have much to contribute at this 
time... Perhaps others can keep the discussion going.

If you have any other suggestions regarding this topic, or wish to expound 
further, please do so - the help is much appreciated!

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 8:07:11 PM UTC-4, Chris M Balz wrote:
> This gh question <> 
> was redirected to this list, but I don't see anything related here.  So 
> asking: It's fairly straightforward to get webpack 
> <> to work with Babel <> to do 
> compiling of JavaScript to targets such as ES2015. 
> So, how could the LightTable in-editor eval functionality be run through 
> the Babel compiler first so that a user could successfully evaluate ES2015 
> statements such as `import foo from 'bar'`, and so forth?
> There would be two parts to this: The language-level part (Babel) and the 
> filesystem access such as needed with an `import` statement.

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