Now I had a bit of time to check it, and you are right it is possible to 
implement helm like narrowing engine or almost any other highly 
sophisticated Emacs extensions, with a lot of work. So I have a conandrum...
For my current workflow and mindset Emacs is way more powerful, then 
vanilla Lighttable (even with current plugins), but it is fundamentally 
It has serious problem with multi threading, while Clojure  (Therefore 
Lighttable, I guess) is extremely good with threading.
It has character based GUI, while Lighttable uses Webkit, which can 
graphically present almost everything.
Emacs Lisp is many parsec far behind from Clojure.

Emacs has a far better ecosystem. (No wonder it is one of the oldest 
software, which is still in use)
Emacs is much more keyboard oriented, by default.
Emacs has way better UI philosophy, no tabs, no file or other dialogs, 
instead you press a specific hotkey and type what you want. Much faster and 
efficient, harder to learn, but worth it.

If I stick with Emacs chances are it will become obsolete in 5-10 years (my 
guess), if I switch to Lighttable I will lose a lot from my productivity, 
and I have to spend a  bunch of time to redesign its UI, and implement 
helm, projectile, tramp like features, in the end I will have a better 
editor, but when?

On Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 12:14:48 AM UTC+2, Kenny Evitt wrote:
> Can you give some examples of what you can do with Helm? It's not clear to 
> me based on a quick scan of it's intro project page.
> It's probably *possible *to implement something similar, but you may not 
> be able to do so without significant effort (e.g. writing a plugin and 
> porting or rewriting the Helm code).
> On Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 7:52:38 AM UTC-4, Attila Molnár wrote:
>> I currently use Emacs with numerous extensions. Helm is the most 
>> important of all, and there is no way that I can work without it or 
>> something similar. I find Light Table and Clojure very promising, and I am 
>> willing to give it a try if it is possible to implement a helm-like 
>> framework for files, opened files, searches, tags... well for anything that 
>> is narrowable information.

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