Ignatius Rivaldi <minecraft2...@gmail.com> writes:
> Hi,
> I think that there is a potential problem for sellers to accept 
> lightning network. They need someone to open a channel with them that is 
> filled with bitcoins so that they can start receiving bitcoins from 
> other LN users. But what if a buyer can simultaneously open a channel 
> and pay the seller? In order to do that they need to know the IP address 
> of the seller and how much bitcoins they need to pay, so that they can 
> push the appropriate amount of bitcoins to the seller side, satisfying 
> the seller's transaction. But currently we opened a channel using the 
> pubkey@ip format, which doesn't have amount information, and then we pay 
> them using lntb... format, which doesn't have IP address information.

The DNS seeds have this information if you are bootstrapping, or you can
connect to any other node and get information on the network as a whole.

Connecting to the first recipient is one strategy, but not clearly the
best if they're not reasonably connected: if you know the topology you
can make a more informed decision.

It's not a bad idea to add an 'a' field, but I'd rather hold off, as
it *is* something of a layering violation.

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