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> Good morning Corne and Conner,
> Ignoring the practical matters that Corne rightly brings up, I think,
> it is possible to use ZKCP to provide a "stronger" proof-of-payment in
> the sense that Conner is asking for.

I think Schnorr scriptless scripts work for this (assuming HTLC payment
hashes are ECC points rather than SHA256 hashes). In particular:

 - Alice agrees to pay Bob $5 for a coffee.

 - Bob calculates a lightning payment hash preimage r, and payment hash
   R=r*G. Bob also prepares a receipt message, saying "I've been paid $5
   to give Alice a coffee", and calculates a partial Schnorr signature
   of this receipt (n a signature nonce, N=n*G, s=n+H(R+N,B,receipt)*b),
   and sends Alice (R, N, s)

 - Alice verfies the partial signature:
      s*G = N + H(R+N,B,receipt)*B

 - Alice pays over lightning conditional on receiving the preimage r of R.

 - Alice then has a valid signature of the receipt, signed by Bob:
      (R+N, r+s)

The benefit over just getting a hash preimage, is that you can use this to
prove that you paid Bob, rather than Carol or Dave, at some later date,
including to a third party (a small-claims court, tax authorities,
a KYC/AML audit?).

The nice part is you get that just by doing some negotiation at the
start, it's not something the lightning protocol needs to handle at all
(beyond switching to ECC points for payment hashes).

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> >Hi Conner,
> > I do believe proof of payment is an important feature to have,
> > especially for the use case of a payer/payee pair that doesn't
> > completely trust each other, but does have the possibility to go to court.

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