Hello all,

I seem to not find a bolt regarding the QR code of node@ip:port

It seems eclair only supports the format hex@ip:port format, and i haven't
tried any other mobile wallets.

I thought there would be support for bech32 nodeid:s to keep the QR small,
but it doesn't seem that way.

If it isn't standardized yet, i think we should do it soon so all wallets
will support it from start and we can avoid bulky QR codes.

To fully utilize QR it should work with charset in text-mode, so i would
suggest a format like


where /port is optional if port is 9735

this is to avoid @ and confusion of : in ipv6 and :portnumber
(skip '[' and ']' in ipv6)

another approach would be to encode ip and portnumber in bech32 as well. my
opinion is that everything coded entirely in bech32 shouldn't need a
protocol so the 'lightning:' part could possibly be omitted as well.

or did i just miss a bolt somewhere?

best regards
Robert Olsson
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