Good morning list,

I have the below speculation idea.

Suppose, rather than implement a splice-in/splice-out ("channel top-up", etc.) 
we instead implement a more general "cut-through" for a channel close 

Normally a channel close spends a single input and makes 1 or 2 outputs.  
Instead of such a simple transaction, both sides could additionally provide 
signed normal transactions that spend the outputs, then they could 
cooperatively create a new close transaction that cuts through the original 
close transaction and the additional normal transactions.

A splice-in and splice-out would then be a closing transaction that gets 
cut-through with a funding transaction to the same peer.

The generalization is useful if we want to "reseat" a channel to one peer to 
another peer.  For example, if the node keeps payment statistics and notices 
that the channel with one peer always has a high probability of failing to 
forward to a destination, then it could decide to close that channel and open a 
channel to some other peer.  This reseat operation could use the closing 
transaction cut-through to close the channel and open to another peer in a 
single onchain transaction.

Such a reseat operation also seems like a reasonable primitive for 
Burchert-Decker-Wattenhofer channel factories to offer; reseats can be done 
offchain if both the reseat-form peer and the reseat-to peer and the node 
belong to the same channel factory.

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