Hey everyone,

in the grand tradition of BIPs I propose that we also start to have our own
LIPs (Lightning Network Improvement proposals)

I think they should be placed on the github.com/lightning account in a repo
called lips (or within the lightning rfc repo) until that will happen I
created a draft for LIP-0001 (which is describing the process and is 95%
influenced by BIP-0002) in my github repo:

https://github.com/renepickhardt/lips  (There are some open Todos and
Questions in this LIP)

The background for this Idea: I just came home from the bitcoin munich
meetup where I held a talk examining BOLT. As I was asked to also talk
about the future plans of the developers for BOLT 1.1 I realized while
preparing the talk that many ideas are distributed within the community but
it seems we don't have a central place where we collect future enhancements
for BOLT1.1. Having this in mind I think also for the meeting in Australia
it would be nice if already a list of LIPs would be in place so that the
discussion can be more focused.
potential LIPs could include:
* Watchtowers
* Autopilot
* Splicing
* Routing Protcols
* Broadcasting past Routing statistics
* eltoo
* ...

As said before I would volunteer to work on a LIP for Splicing (actually I
already started)

best Rene


Skype: rene.pickhardt

mobile: +49 (0)176 5762 3618
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