Good morning Giovanni,

> I agree with you, Cezary, and was in tears of joy when read about that
> "plan to implement possibility of both-side funding channels", as it
> would be immensely beneficial for the growth of network.
> I think ZmnSCPxj is misreading that as something mandatory, or
> something that would be integrated into the protocol and performed
> automatically by all nodes. Only interpreting it in that way his
> concerns about privacy and locked funds would make sense.

If it is not integrated into the protocol as an optional extension at least, 
then it would be difficult to coordinate between the 4 or 5 extant 
implementations.  Interoperability is a bit iffy already as-is for 
functionality that is already in the protocol (e.g. onchain fee disagreements 
when fees change rapidly on mainnet, unrecognized gossip types, etc).

Further, if not supported by default on most nodes, it runs the risk that only 
a few nodes will enable incoming requests for outgoing capacity, potentially 
creating a centralization risk (although I believe laolu (and possibly others?) 
considers centralization in LN to be benign; I have not investigated this 
argument in detail, and can only provide a knee-jerk reaction to 

> As as I
> could understand it, however, it would be something that nodes would
> negotiate beforehand and only materialize if they decided it was
> mutually beneficial.

You may imagine negotiation between sapient intelligences, but it is often 
better to have this automated and supported at a much lower intelligence level, 
in much the same way that channel construction is often best left to 
autopilots.  If so, then it is best to support it widely to ease the job of 
autopilots who have been instructed by sapient-level policy to find X BTC 
incoming capacity for up to N% in fees.

I imagine an extension to `node_announcement` would advertise that a node 
supports dual-funding, and also contain the limits to that dual-funding.

Thus I still see the potential privacy leak as a concern, since ideally every 
node should eventually support incoming dual-funding requests if it happens to 
have onchain capacity, to homogenize the network (improving decentralization 
and privacy).

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