ZmnSCPxj <> writes:
> Good morning Rusty,
> In BOLT #2 we currently impose a 2^24 satoshi limit on total channel 
> capacity.  Is splicing intended to allow violation of this limit? I do not 
> see it mentioned in the proposal. Can I splice 21 million bitcoins on a 
> 1-satoshi channel?

Good question!  I think that's the kind of thing we should consider
carefully at the Summit.

> It may be good to start brainstorming possible failure modes during splice, 
> and how to recover, and also to indicate the expected behavior in the 
> proposal, as I believe these will be the points where splicing must be 
> designed most precisely. What happens when a splice is ongoing and the 
> communication gets disconnected?  What happens when some channel failure 
> occurs during splicing and we are forced to drop onchain?  And so on.

Agreed, but we're now debating two fairly different methods for
splicing.  Once we've decided on that, we can try to design the
proposals themselves.

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