Dear Melvin,

have you looked into the W3C Payment Group? The entire field of semantic web
kind of originated from W3C and they are working on a recommendation for
browser vendors to enable a low level payment API.

Also there is LightningJoule that builds on top of webln. While this is not
an otology it goes implicitly in a similar direction (c.f.: and in particular this discussion: in which Will said that in his
thoughts webln is different to the W3C Payment Group.)

I am looking forward to see your progress with integrating Lightning to the
semantic web!

with kind regards Rene

On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 7:17 AM Melvin Carvalho <>

> Hi All
> I work on the solid project [1] and am very interested in the lightning
> network.
> In particular, I am looking at trying to create an integration between
> lightning (layer 2) and solid (layer 3?  web layer?).
> The first step towards integration would be to port some of the lightning
> concepts to the semantic web.  This is done by creating an ontology.
> Does anyone know of any existing work in this area.  Alternatively, does
> anyone have an interest to collaborate on an ontology?
> Best
> Melvin
> [1]
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