Hi ZmnSCPxj,

Yeah, although I see the added value of a feature like this I completely 
understand your reasoning.

> It is difficult to regain privacy if the base layer is nonprivate.

Sure, people and corporations would probably find multiple ways to abuse this 
or to turn this into the only way to make LN payments.

The problem of moving some of this stuff to the hardware of the user is the 
lack of standardisation. I don’t know if there’s any wallet that currently does 
this kind of stuff. I’m not even sure if wallets should do it. 
Or if other Apps should be given access to pre-images of LN payments. 

I guess that I was expecting that a replacement for email/password as 
authentication method could finally come from something I’m hopping will be as 
pervasive as email addresses :)
Anyway, authentication might be completely out of scope here. 

Thank you,
João  Joyce
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