Recently I've asked about the possibility of user identification across 
multiple payments which now I get that it is a bad idea.

In that previous exchange ZmnSCPxj suggested that for purposes of proving 
payments (for instance for a user to redownload an already bought document) the 
service could just ask for the preimage of an invoice that was already paid.

I was wondering if there's interest in standardising a way for payment invoices 
to contain information to signal wallets that they can skip the payment process 
if they are able to provide the service with a preimage for a previous payment 
for that particular item.

Use cases could extend beyond simple download of an item. For instance paying 
for 30 days of a service and every time you want to access that service you 
just scan the LN invoice.

I'm aware that intermediate nodes know about this preimage but I'd rather not 
focus on that for now.

Thank you,
João Joyce

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