Good morning aj,

When reading through your original post I saw you mentioned something about 
output tagging somehow conflicting with Taproot, so I assumed Taproot is not 
useable in this case.
However, it is probably more likely that I simply misunderstood what you said, 
so if you can definitively say that it would be possible to hide the clause "or 
a NOINPUT sig from A with a non-NOINPUT sig from B" behind a Taproot then I am 

Minor pointless reactions:

> 5.  if you're using scriptless scripts to do HTLCs, you'll need to
>     allow for NOINPUT sigs when claiming funds as well (and update
>     the partial signatures for the non-NOINPUT cases if you want to
>     maximise privacy), which is a bit fiddly

If I remember accurately, we do not allow bilateral/cooperative close when HTLC 
is in-flight.
However, I notice that later you point out that a non-cheating unilateral close 
does not need NOINPUT, so I suppose. the above thought applies to that case.

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