Hey everyone,

as you know I am just a mathematician and not a cryptographer by training
who is interested and amazed by the Lightning Network Protocol. I joined
this open source effort pretty late (in the beginning of 2018) and tried to
catch up ever since. At that time reading the BOLTs (despite the fact that
Rusty had his helpful blog articles) was really hard for me.

Over the past year - especially due to your help and open ears - I was able
to catch up by a lot. Yesterday I held a 4 hour workshop giving an
extensive overview about the Lightning Network and BOLT 1.0.

I decided to open source the slides to give something (hopefully useful)
back to the community. To the best of my knowledge this is the most
extensive overview of the BOLTs in form of slides and I also tried to
restructure the content in the hope of making it easier to approach fo
newbies like I was a year ago.

Please feel free to fork the slides on the google doc address:

I uploaded the pdf version of the slides at

Obviously I am very happy if you have suggestions how the slides could be
improved even further. Probably I will still have some mistakes with them.
But maybe you have more comments on a meta level about the structure or
detail level or visualizations...

Therefor I will be happy if you send back a pdf with comments. I also share
a commentable version with this mailinglist on google docs:

I will present the slides next time on chaincodelabs lightning residency in
late june where - as far as I know - the talks will also be recorded. So
any feedback before then will be highly appreciated.

While this mail was note particularly about development I hope it is not
considered offtopic. In case you do so I apologize for any inconvenience.

With kind Regards Rene


Skype: rene.pickhardt

mobile: +49 (0)176 5762 3618
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