Indeed, with issue [4797](#4797) and several earlier parser changes, the first 
of these options (`violin.1`) does work, although in a slightly different way 
by creating an alist. (Which may have side effects, and the corresponding 
`\violin.1` cannot be used in all situations where `\violin` can be used.)
Still, I think this issue is reasonably covered by that, and the topic is on 
the TODO-list for the mythical GLISS, which might still happen one day.
So I vote for closing the issue.


** [issues:#1670] Allow numbers in variable names: violin.1.mvt.2 = c'**

**Created:** Fri May 27, 2011 11:59 AM UTC by Anonymous
**Last Updated:** Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:28 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

*Originally created by:* *anonymous

*Originally created by:* 

Users often request variable names including numbers or underscores

1\) It is not too hard for the lexer, which breaks input into tokens, to accept 
backslashed variable names with various characters.

We could then use something like:
   "violin1" = \{ c d e \}
   \new Staff \violin1
but what do we really want to allow in variable names?  

I don't think underscores are a good idea, because both human and computer 
could be confused:
 c^\slide\_1 % is that slide on the first finger or did somebody define 
\slide\_1 ?

Ending in a number would require we enforce the space after a command \(and 
convert-ly old scores\) for cases like  \times2/3\{c d e\}

2\) There is considerable difficulty in telling Lilypond to be ready for the 
definition of a variable that looks somewhat like, because the grammar allows 
un-braced music expressions and user-defined functions.
  \mySpecialAfterGrace do1 re2 mo3 = fa2

Lily would need to know how many arguments \MySpecialAfterGrace takes to know 
whether she needs to look up 'mo' as the name of a pitch in some language.
Either that, or tentatively read through to the '=' and then back up when she 
realized 'mo' was not a mis-typed note name.

\(2\) might be impossible, but maybe users want \violin1 badly enough to use 
quotes around it in the definition, as I did above?


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