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** [issues:#4992] Add `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` option**

**Status:** Verified
**Labels:** Fixed_2_19_51 
**Created:** Fri Oct 28, 2016 02:47 PM UTC by Masamichi Hosoda
**Last Updated:** Wed Nov 09, 2016 09:56 PM UTC
**Owner:** Masamichi Hosoda

Add `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` option

Issue 4992/6: Doc: add description of `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` option

  This commit adds description of `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` option.

Issue 4992/5: Add never-embed-font-list for `-dgs-load-fonts`

  When you use both `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` and `-dgs-load-fonts` options,
  Ghostscript never embed fonts except TrueType for PDF file output.

Issue 4992/4: Add never-embed-font-list for OpenType/CFF (OTF, OTC) fonts

  When you use `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` option,
  Ghostscript never embed OpenType/CFF (OTF and OTC) fonts
  for PDF file output.

Issue 4992/3: Add never-embed-font-list for Type 1 (PFA and PFB) fonts

  When you use `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` option,
  Ghostscript never embed Type 1 (PFA and PFB) fonts for PDF file output.

Issue 4992/2: Add `never-embed-font-list` and `/NeverEmbed`

  When the option `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` is enabled,
  `/NeverEmbed` distiller parameter from `never-embed-font-list` list
  is added to the outputting PostScript file.

  When Ghostscript converts from the PostScript file to PDF file,
  it never embed the fonts which are in the `never-embed-font-list`.

Issue 4992/1: Add `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` option

  For Ghostscript, never embed fonts.



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