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A critical error sounds pretty intimidating, but nevertheless, I've had a 

#What's the goal?
By default, when a score has to vertically streched, LilyPond will keep grouped 
staves closer together and allow bigger gaps between the groups.
In organ music, however, the three staves should equally spaced, even if the 
two manual staves are grouped by a PianoStaff.

The example coding attemps to reduce the stretchability between manual two and 
pedal stave.

# Analysis
In the LilyPond documentation coding, only one single property of 
staff-staff-spacing is set:

`\override VerticalAxisGroup.staff-staff-spacing.stretchability = 5`

That way, all the other sub properties still are unset and so we have a 0 
basic-distance, a 0 minimum-distance and 0 padding.
**Result:** Manual two stave and pedal stave stick together.

We definitely have to specify a full set of sub properties and everything will 
work as desired.
\override VerticalAxisGroup.staff-staff-spacing = #'((basic-distance . 9)
                                                         (minimum-distance . 7)
                                                         (padding . 1)
                                                         (stretchability . 5))

#Why did it "work" in 2.18.2?
The plain truth is that it actually didn't work at all in 2.18.2!
I've even re-installed an old 2.14.2 LilyPond to see that it didn't work there, 

In fact, the
`\override VerticalAxisGroup.staff-staff-spacing.stretchability = 5`
statement didn't have any effect, because the attempetd \override was 

The assignment of VerticalAxisGroup.staff-staff-spacing.stretchabiliy failed.
See log:
warning: type check for `staff-staff-spacing' failed; value `5' must be of type 
As a result, staff-staff-spacing hasn't been changed and therefore, the staves 
didn't collapse. The stretchability wasn't changed as desired, either.

Now, in version 2.19, this syntax works and the effect of 0 distance is much 
more strinking than the unsuccessful stretchability override of former releases.

# Solution
**Specify a full set of staff-staff-spacing sub properties.** as proposed in 
I'll upload a patch shortly.
I had to re-install my LilyDev due to virtual disk problems that prevented me 
from complilng the documentation. Let's see...

By the way: the German explanatory text (and only the German as far as I've 
seen) even mentions the fact that a full set of variables has to be supplied:
*"Im Moment kann man nicht nur die strechability {sic!] 
(Spreizbarkeit)-Untereigenschaft verändern, darum müssen hier auch die anderen 
Untereigenschaften kopiert werden."*

All the best,


** [issues:#5262] LM: incorrect staff-staff-spacing example (regression)**

**Status:** Started
**Created:** Wed Jan 17, 2018 08:53 PM UTC by Simon Albrecht
**Last Updated:** Wed Jan 17, 2018 08:53 PM UTC
**Owner:** Torsten Hämmerle

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[Reported by Paul 

>In the example on the documentation page 

the command
  `\override VerticalAxisGroup.staff-staff-spacing.stretchability = 5`
is used to modify the spacing of the pedal staff in an organ score.

>The result shown on the documentation page (which I also get at home
with 2.19.80) does not match the result on the corresponding page for
2.18, and is clearly wrong.


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