On 19/09/16 16:39, Benkő Pál wrote:
>> c2 \bar "" \break c2 c4
>> That should be two bars with a barline in the middle.
> I think not; \bar "" starts a new bar (after issuing a warning for the
> incomplete bar).
Ummm ... but if that's the case, that's his problem.

HOWEVER. Has lily's behaviour changed? It's always (iirc) been the case
that if you want to break a line of music in the middle of a bar, you
have to put a blank barline in. You can (or could) only break on a
barline. I don't remember it ever being documented that it actually
starts a new bar!

If you want the behaviour you describe it's easy - just put a space rest
in. If you want the behaviour I describe, how are you supposed to get
it? (I suppose you could again put a spacer rest in :-)

But as I remember it, \bar doesn't actually mess about with the timing,
precisely because a lot of music doesn't have timings and still wants
(random :-) barlines.


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