2016-09-19 14:17 GMT+02:00 Knut Petersen <knut_peter...@t-online.de>:
> Hi everybody!
> As far as I understand after \bar "" a \break is permitted in the middle of
> a bar.
> Lilypond is supposed to engrave the next barline at the proper place.
> At the marked places ( FIXME/ BUG) in the attached score lilypond needs to
> be
> forced to print a barline ... I think this is a bug, although it's also
> possible that I
> missed something in the docs.
> cu,
>  Knut

Hi Knut,

as others said already, a minimal would have been nice.
I've difficulties to understand what you're after. Moving
"Default_bar_line_engraver" obfuscates it even more...

_But_ if I understand correctly, then:
you miss the SpanBar while using \bar "".
This is no bug, but intended behaviour.
In bar-line.scm you'll find
(define-bar-line "" "" "" #f)
The last value there, #f, means; print _no_ SpanBar.

You could try to use
#(define-bar-line "-bis" "-bis" "" "|")


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