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Later versions throw an assertion pointing to simple-spanner.cc.  This
file was edited in commit


which looks far more likely to the culprit.  Can anyone who
understands this stuff (paging David really) make a comment?

The given diff is most definitely harmless.  "Newly" failed assertions
are much more likely to be the consequence of commit

commit a4cc910a3401d25bb94ff0ecb4dc18f681c71004
Author: David Kastrup <d...@gnu.org>
Date:   Tue May 12 19:01:57 2015 +0200

   Issue 2787: Sanitize usage of -DDEBUG, -DNDEBUG and assert

   The compiler option -DNDEBUG is no longer being used: -DNDEBUG disables
   the assert function, and assert is essentially stating that the program
   cannot useful continue if the assertion is not met.  -DNDEBUG is
   basically an option for compiling an application to a limited amount of
   ROM when aborting with a diagnostic is not preferable to crashing.

   This is not the case for LilyPond.  So expensive debugging options now
   are enabled with -DDEBUG instead.  There is a new configure option
   --enable-checking defaulting to "off" for this now.

   At the current point of time, setting --disable-optimising also has the
   effect of enabling the checks: this will be retained until Patchy has
   been adapted to using --enable-checking.

from version 2.19.21.  However, there also is

commit d757a1b2b65c5f880af67702f1eaf5fda681724e
Author: Keith OHara <k-ohara5...@oco.net>
Date:   Fri Jun 19 21:48:13 2015 -0700

   simple-spacer: inappropriate assert; issue 4448

from version 2.19.22, presumably trying to fix the assert that has now
become obvious.

David Kastrup

Those two commits create an assertion that causes assertions from 19.21 onwards, and then change the assertion to an error message from (on my system, where I don't have 19.22) 19.23 onwards. But neither explains why, on Windows, grace notes actually cause the length of the system to be wrong. This occurred between 19.18 and 19.19, so if the commit I pointed to is not the guilty party, it must be another one between those two releases. And I would think it's likely a change to simple-spacer.cc?

Phil Holmes

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