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Those two commits create an assertion that causes assertions from
19.21 onwards, and then change the assertion to an error message from
(on my system, where I don't have 19.22) 19.23 onwards.  But neither
explains why, on Windows, grace notes actually cause the length of the
system to be wrong. This occurred between 19.18 and 19.19, so if the
commit I pointed to is not the guilty party, it must be another one
between those two releases.  And I would think it's likely a change to

If it is a Windows-only issue, it might be worth looking at what
happened in Gub at that time.

David Kastrup

19.18 was April 5, 2015, and 19.19 was April 26. The following were committed in gub between those dates:

https://github.com/gperciva/gub/pull/13 (can't imagine it's this one)

Phil Holmes

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