On Fri, 02 Feb 2018 01:36:19 +0100, David Kastrup <d...@gnu.org> wrote:

> Dan Eble <d...@faithful.be> writes:
> > Is Patchy running?  I uploaded a few changes for review yesterday but
> > I’ve seen no activity in the tickets since then.
> Review-patchy has not been running since we were thrown off Google
> Code.  James runs the equivalent manually when he has time.

Yes David is correct. I do run the patches manually. Others have been known to 
also test patches ;) but you have to make sure that you do a full reg test and 
full make doc which can take a long time on some machines, I had a relatively 
powerful machine/server at home and work and so don't mind running patches 

But this is more convention than 'rule'.

I do try to get to most patches daily - I can test patches while at work with 
relatively little effort - but occasionally I run out of time or don't get a 

> > One thing I did notice was a a series of emails telling me that "Your
> > message to Testlilyissues-auto awaits moderator approval”.  Would that
> > block patch testing?
> I think James is one of the moderators, so no.

I am not a moderator, but as long as the Source Force Tracker fields are set 
such that I am aware that a Patch is ready for testing or if I see a random 
email to Dev with a Rietveld item from a non-familiar dev (e.g. drive by patch) 
I usually catch most of them.

If by any chance I miss stuff, I usually end up catching it on the 3 day 
countdown as I asses what is in the queue or what should be in the queue but 
has not, for example, had a tracker created or where a manually created tracker 
has not had the 'correct' fields set (which is why we try to encourage the use 
of git-cl, as that sets it all for you).

Anyway, I am aware of you three patches and will get to them today.



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