Hi everyone,
My name is Yijie Wang, I'm a Computer Science sophomore from Beijing
Jiaotong University, China. I have knowledge of C++, Python and Java.
Lilypond is a very useful tool for me and I would love to be a part of
improving it.

After looking through this year's Lilypond idealist, I found the project
"Rewrite LibreOffice LilyPond Extension with Python" is quite interesting
and I'd like to work on it as a GSoC project. I've read some code of
Frescobaldi and made some small contribution. I'm going to learn more about
LilyPond, python-ly, PyQt and LibreOffice extension basics in next few
days. If you have some suggestions or more information, don't hesitate to
tell me.

Thanks for reading this, I look forward to contributing to the
Lilypond community in this opportunity.

Best regards,
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