On 2018/02/23 11:18:38, Be-3 wrote:
On 2018/02/23 07:30:00, lemzwerg wrote:
> LGTM, thanks!

In my opinion, there's a misplacement of rest dots. Therefore,

file scm/output-lib.scm (dots::calc-staff-position)

will have to be adapted, too (see related image and comment in issue

Thanks for the hint! I looked for it at every single C++ file that has
to do with rests or dots but didn’t know or think about output-lib.scm

There's no appropriate code for log > 7 (the new rest glyphs)

My suggestion:
-     ((= log 7) 4)
+     ((>= log  7) (- log 3));

That way, there's no need to add a separate line for each duration.

Probably that won’t be enough, it has to be 7,8 → 4 and 9,10 → 5; but
the idea is correct. Maybe I’ll replace the cond by an if and case ;)

Just writing this as a comment because I'm terribly unsure about the
usage of rietveld and I don't want to mess with Malte's coding.

Commenting is the correct way in this case. If you want to comment on
one of the files that have been changed you can add a comment to a
single code line by clicking on that line.

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