Werner LEMBERG wrote
> Malte (or Thorsten), can you check whether formatting of 1/8 and 1/16
> flags improves if the width is harmonized with the other flags?

I've now remove the extra stemthickness# / 2 from the 8th and 16th flags and
run a regtest.

There were no effects to be seen at all.

So be sure, after this test, I increased the 8th/16th flag widths by 10
stemthicknesses, and of course, the spacing became noticeably wider after
the flags.

Half the stem thickness will only make a difference in *very* crammed
situations and I'll have to make up a few examples. In any case, regression
tests didn't show a difference - so, in normal life, this wee bit of
variation shouldn't be seen. Otherwise, someone had noticed in all these

But for the sake of consistency and homogeneity, we (i.e. Malte) should
remove these two relics now we have issue #5277.

All the best,

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