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On 4/9/2018 3:05 PM, Karlin High wrote:
Whether terms of service and such are aligned with GNU standards is something I haven't checked.

...But if projects like Debian and GNOME are using GitLab, as Federico Bruni pointed out, the chances of a terms-of-service conflict with GNU and FSF seem rather small.

Well, of course they use the open source version, the community edition (gitlab-ce). See for example:

Enterprise Edition is a no-go, as we do not want to depend on a provider, right? If changes the service terms, you can migrate your projects to a self-hosted gitlab-ce.

I must say that this doesn't look like an attractive option to me. I'm using a self-hosted version of gitlab-ce, and while it generally works it a) uses quite substantial resources and b) it really *is* a task to maintain. At least when you want it to be permanently avaiable. I think generally on every update I had unexplainable downtimes (HTTP 500 erorrs) of the web interface (while the Git interface continued to work, thankfully).

What I want to say is that for working with Gitlab on a self hosted basis we'd need a powerful server available and sufficient people willing (and able) to take responsibility for its uptime.

OTOH an interesting aspect could be integration. It should be possible to set things up to automatically run the tests when a pull request is created or updated, and maybe run GUB upon certain events (e.g. adding a release tag).

I don't have a strong opinion about this but I think there should be some maintainability and longevity issues to be considered.


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