This is gorgeous! Thanks very much!

Is the \haydnturn supposed to be symmetrical w.r.t. the stem? To me it
looks as if it weighs slightly more on the left, but maybe I'm wrong?
(And I'm also not sure if this would be a problem if I were right.)

(The Henle score that prompted me to ask in the first place - Haydn
Symphony Nr. 13 in Haydn, Werke, Reihe I, Band 3, ed. Braun/Gerlach -
has a less curly version of the \haydnturn, but I like your design

As for the \slashturn: I think the lenght of the stem is okay. But I
started to wonder if the \slashturn should really be as "thick" at its
waist as the usual \turn. Maybe there is a slight disbalance between the
two parts (turn vs. slash).


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