Am 12.04.2018 um 07:47 schrieb Kim Shrier:
I was reading Erik Sandberg’s master’s thesis,
and I am curious if the music stream exporter still exists
and is operational.  A quick look through the sources
didn’t reveal anything to me but the existence of the
Dispatcher and  and Stream_event classes makes me
think that his modifications to Lilypond were integrated.
The short answer is "no", ...

Any information about this would be appreciated.

... but maybe there is a solution for you.

My video generation code  uses a bit of scheme to export
music events to a file. The fragment

   \time 4/4 \tempo 4=120 \relative e' { e8 c4 r }

would be translated to

   0.0 time 4 4
   0.0 tempo 2.0
   0.0 note 0.125 e'
   0.125 note 0.375 c'
   0.375 rest 0.625 NaP

Lilypond's was my starting point.

Have a look at

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