Hi everyone, (Werner in particular ;))

I'm trying to understand the usage of quoting and formatting
environments that occurs
when lilypond-book transforms a .tely file to .texi.

The following snippet, e.g.,
\relative {
a4 b c d
@end lilypond
is being transformed into
@exampleindent 0
\relative {
a4 b c d
@end verbatim
@end format
[...] (Info and HTML stuff)

@include 7a/lily-21179cd9-systems.texi
@end iftex

What I do not understand here:
The @verbatim environment is not indented by default, as far as I can see.
What is the reason to set '@exampleindent 0', here?

(And the enclosing @format environment to scope
the effect of @exampleindent 0)


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