Am Montag, 4. April 2005 23:35 schrieb Mats Bengtsson:
> >Okay, so I generated the dynamics separated from the actual notes.  Now
> > the problem is that the p, the fermatas, the crescendi, etc. are drawn
> > immediately above the staff, even if the collide with a note!
> >
> >An example of this problem can be seen in measure 4 of:
> >
> >
> The trick is to include the dynamics in the same Voice context as the
> music, i.e. to add it in
> \context Voice = sopranos { \voiceOne << \dynamik \GlobalSettings \sopMusic
> >> }

Ah, thanks, I thought that this wouldn't apply the dynamics to both voices in 
the staff. But after reading the doc about midi generation, I realize that it 
does. On the other hand it's currently not possible to set different dynamics 
in the midi for sopranos and altos if they are printed in the same staff (I'd 
need this for a piece, where the alto has the main voice, so the soprano 
voice needs to be pp, while the alto is only p). Do I understand this right?


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