Am Montag, 4. April 2005 23:35 schrieb Mats Bengtsson:
> >-) What is the correct way to type-set a piece with a main part, a trio, a
> > da capo and a final coda? In particular, I need line breaks exactly where
> > the trio and the coda begins, and I also need the correct repetitions in
> > the midi file.
> There's no right or wrong. Use \break to get line breaks. 

I'm doing that already. The problem is that the key change is still printed at 
the end of the bar line, instead of at the beginning of the new line.

And the other problem with a simple \break is that it doesn't mean a clear 
visual break (i.e. between the trio and the coda, which should be clearly 

Another possibility that would work is a staff-break inside a line (like in 
the following file, generated by abcm2ps:
). Is this possible somehow in lilypond (2.4.x)?

> For the 
> moment, there's no builtin support to handle "da capo". For the MIDI
> version, you can always make a separate \score{...} for the MIDI output 

Which basically means duplicating the whole 20+ lines, and repeating all the 
lyrics and dynamics assignments, as well as all tempo changes etc. Hmm, all 
these .ly files are rapidly blowing up! 


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