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> Sorry, Thomas... I forgot to mention that I want to place repeat signs in
> the middle of the bar! Mea culpa. That's why at first I tried to modify
> frameEngraver. It would be great to have something like:
> \repeatStart c'4 d' e' \repeatStop
> s4*3 \repeatExtenderStop

I believe this would be a matter of revising the stencil function which
creates the box to draw two repeat bar lines instead.  This, hopefully, is
workable without building the bar lines up from scratch.

> Here is function that I try to modify:

[BTW, I've been working at this, and added some features to what you're
quoting here: a bracket for indicating timing, and the possibility of
breaking the whole affair across lines.  I'll try to post it later today
with some comments about problems.  I'm at my wit's end with it, so I'd
welcome any help anyone could offer.]

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