Am 11.08.2013 19:13, schrieb Karol Majewski:
Let's say I work on two pieces of music: and Each of them has some files 
included, like "" or "". Now I want to 
combine both files into one PDF document. To achieve this, I create a new *.ly file ( which 
has and included. And now the error happens.

Of course, I can exclude "" from 
and and include it into But then... if I want to compile separetly - I have to include it again. The point is that it is not 
comfortable to repeat this process again and again.
In such a case you can
- define an arbitrary variable in
- write a function that only includes that file if the variable isn't defined yet.


Dnia 11-08-2013 o godz. 17:30 David Kastrup napisaƂ(a):
"Karol Majewski" <> writes:


just found a small bug in

When the main *.ly file includes more than one *.ly file, like:

\include ""
\include ""

... and each of those files (, includes, then I cannot compile the,
because of:
Why should one be able to include the code in twice in a single document?

David Kastrup

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