Am 06.05.2015 um 01:08 schrieb Thomas Morley:

I had a hard time to find that code, I needed some kind of tunable \undertie for Hugo 
Distler: Mausfallensprüchlein 
I think that "ratio" should probably be tunable. Any idea why the code  has not 
already been
incorporated into lilypond?


2015-05-06 1:02 GMT+02:00 Tobias Braun <>:
Never mind. It's working now, thanks a lot!

Good night,

Am 06.05.2015 um 00:51 schrieb Simon Albrecht <>:

So sorry. I should’ve tested the code before posting…
You need to use \line { } instead of a simple string in "". See attachment.

Am 06.05.2015 um 00:41 schrieb Tobias Braun:
I got it to work in \lyricmode now, but it still won't work in the \markup 

If I do it like you say below, I just get the code printed in the lyrics. If I end the string 
before \override and start a new one after "köñiglichen", it works, but then I get line 
breaks around "königlichen". Adding \markup doesn't improve things either.

What exactly do "\override #'(word-space . 0)" and "\tied-lyric" do? When using "\override #'(word-space 
. 0)" inside a \lyricmode expression, "~" won't create a lyric tie (with a blank) anymore, but just literally 
print "~". I have to explicitly use \tied-lyric then.
They are markup commands. \override (the markup command) takes two arguments: a pair and 
a markup. The pair consists of property and value, given in Scheme syntax: #'(word-space 
. 0). The markup is produced using \tied-lyric, which takes a string (a series of 
characters enclosed in "") as its argument, again prefixed with # to make it a 
Scheme expression. And in order to use them in \lyricmode, you have to enclose them in 
\markup explicitly.

I hope that makes it a little clearer. Ein weites Feld…
Good night, :-)

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How about:

\version "2.19.18"

%% extended

%%FIXME: add `\undertie "undertied"' to regression/

%% FIXME: c&p from stencil.scm -- define-public and remove copy
#(define (make-bezier-sandwich-stencil coords thick xext yext)
   (let* ((command-list `(moveto
                         ,(car (list-ref coords 3))
                         ,(cdr (list-ref coords 3))
                         ,(car (list-ref coords 0))
                         ,(cdr (list-ref coords 0))
                         ,(car (list-ref coords 1))
                         ,(cdr (list-ref coords 1))
                         ,(car (list-ref coords 2))
                         ,(cdr (list-ref coords 2))
                         ,(car (list-ref coords 4))
                         ,(cdr (list-ref coords 4))
                         ,(car (list-ref coords 5))
                         ,(cdr (list-ref coords 5))
                         ,(car (list-ref coords 6))
                         ,(cdr (list-ref coords 6))
     `(path ,thick `(,@' ,command-list) 'round 'round #t)

%% FIXME: rewrite generic wrt axes and replace make-parenthesis-stencil
#(define (make-bow-stencil width height thickness angularity)
  "Create a bow stencil.
  @var{width} is the width of the bow markup.
  @var{thickness} is the thickness of the bow.
  @var{height} is the heigth of the bow.
  The higher the value of number @var{angularity},
  the more angular the shape of the bow."
    (let* ((line-width 0.1)
           (base-x (if (< width 0) (- width) 0))
           (base-y (if (< height 0) (- height) 0))
           (x-extent (ordered-cons 0 width))
           (y-extent (ordered-cons 0 height))
           (left-x (interval-start x-extent))
           (right-x (interval-end x-extent))
           (inner-y 0)
           (outer-y height)
           (left-end-point (cons left-x inner-y))
           (right-end-point (cons right-x inner-y))
           (outer-control-y (+ inner-y (* 4/3 outer-y)))
           (inner-control-y (+ outer-control-y
                              (if (< height 0) thickness (- thickness))))
           ;; keeping angularity allows for refactoring and
           ;; merging with make-parenthesis-stencil
           (offset-index (- (* 0.6 angularity) 0.8))
           (left-control-x (interval-index x-extent offset-index))
           (right-control-x (interval-index x-extent (- offset-index)))
              (cons left-control-x outer-control-y))
              (cons right-control-x outer-control-y))
              (cons right-control-x inner-control-y))
              (cons left-control-x inner-control-y)))

      (list right-inner-control-point

%% FIXME: replace make-parenthesis-stencil by this:
#(define (make-parenthesis-stencil height width thick angularity)
     (make-bow-stencil height width thick angularity)
     -90 0 0))

%% FIXME: c&p from
#(define (F0_1 x) (* (/ 2 PI) (atan (* PI x 0.5))))
#(define (slur-height w h_inf r_0)
    (F0_1 (* (/ (* w r_0) h_inf) h_inf)))

#(define (make-tie-stencil width thickness direction)
   (let* ((height-limit 1)
          (ratio 0.25)
          (angularity 0.5)
          (height (slur-height width height-limit ratio)))
   (make-bow-stencil width (* direction height) thickness angularity)))

#(define-markup-command (undertie layout props arg)
#:category font
#:properties ((thickness 1)
               (offset 2)
               (direction DOWN)
               (adjust-length 0)
               (adjust-x-pos 0))
@cindex undertie-ing text

Undertie @var{arg}. Looks at @code{thickness} to determine line
thickness, and @code{offset} to determine line y-offset.

\\markup \\line {
\\undertie \"undertied\"
\\override #'(offset . 5)
\\override #'(thickness . 1)
\\undertie \"undertied\"
\\override #'(offset . 1)
\\override #'(thickness . 5)
\\undertie \"undertied\"
@end lilypond"
   (let* ((line-thickness (ly:output-def-lookup layout 'line-thickness))
          (thick (* thickness line-thickness))
          (markup (interpret-markup layout props arg))
          (x1 (car (ly:stencil-extent markup X)))
          (x2 (cdr (ly:stencil-extent markup X)))
          (y2 (cdr (ly:stencil-extent markup Y)))
          (w (- x2 x1 adjust-length (* 2 line-thickness)))
          (y (if (positive? direction)
                 (+ line-thickness offset -2 y2)
                 (* line-thickness (- offset))))
          (tie (ly:stencil-translate
                 (make-tie-stencil w thick direction)
                 (cons (+ line-thickness adjust-x-pos) y))))
   (ly:stencil-add markup tie)))

%% Examples

\paper { indent = 0 }

\markup {
   \fill-line {
     \fontsize #3 \bold \underline "toplevel Markup: "
      \column {
        \vspace #0.5
        \line { \bold "2."
          \column {
               \line {
                    Er ging aus der Kammer sein, /
                    \override #'(adjust-x-pos . 0.5)
                    \override #'(adjust-length . 7.7)
                    \undertie königlichen Saal so rein, /
                  "Gott von Art und Mensch, ..."
       \vspace #2

\markup \fontsize #3 \bold \underline "new Lyrics: "

\new Lyrics
\lyricmode {
   Er ging aus der Kammer sein, dem
   \override #'(adjust-x-pos . 0.5)
   \override #'(adjust-length . 8.6)
   \undertie königlichen Saal so rein,
   Gott von Art und Mensch,


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