Il giorno dom 11 set 2016 alle 11:53, Thomas Morley <> ha scritto:
as result of my private None-Google-Summer-of-Code, I'd like to
announce a BendSpanner-engraver.

It's based on our from the reg-test and the
fabulous work of Marc Hohl and his bend.ily
Thanks, to Stephen MacNeil who provided a couple of images from
printed editions.

A new grob, BendSpanner, is defined. Line-breaks, skylining, dashed
line for 'pre-bend-hold and a lot more work out of the box.
It's highly customizable. In the demo some possibilities are
demonstrated. More in the test-files.
Currently it works only for TabStaff, coding something for
default-Staff/Voice is on the TODO-list.

Though, currently it's pretty slow in compilation. The reason for this
is the feature not to bend open strings and to ex- or include notes to bend, more precisley it's the definiton for `bend::remove-certain-tab-note-heads'.

Not sure how to improve this, any hint is highly appreciated.

Ofcourse this is the first time the code is made public.
I expect several not yet noticed bugs or missing features.

Please report back.

I see that microtones are also supported (provided that \layout contains supportNonIntegerFret = ##t).

IIUC, this engravers solves the three main limitations of bend.ily, listed here:

Except for the missing Staff/Voice, I think that this code is already doing all that I need. I'll start porting some scores to this syntax and see if I find any problem.

This is THE feature I'd always wanted to see implemented in LilyPond codebase.
I really hope to see it merged before the end of the year :)

Many thanks Harm! (and thanks Marc for starting this work.. I began using LilyPond seven years ago thanks to his work on tablature)

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