Urs Liska <u...@openlilylib.org> writes:

> I have a question regarding complicated orchestral material. Note that I
> don't need a solution right now, only a plausible estimate if that's
> possible to implement at all.
> Consider the situation of a staff with two partcombined voices (say,
> flutes). If there are spots (measures or ranges of measures) where the
> voices are so individualized or complex that the part combination
> becomes unreadable I would like to split this range (measure) to two
> individual staves.


> Any suggestions welcome.

That's what the remove-layer feature is for.  Maybe take a look at
input/regression/divisi-staves.ly for an example.

Note that the various layers don't need to contain the same material, so
you are free to use \partcombine for the combined layer while not
combining layers when split.

David Kastrup

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