Simon Albrecht <> writes:

> Hello folks,
> I’m attaching an excerpt from my current project, where I’d actually
> really need a 4th order Bézier slur – but that’s impossible with Lily
> now. Unfortunately I also lack an idea what else to do in this
> situation – I’d like to avoid an extra staff…

That really does not look to me like you want a "4th order Bézier slur"
rather than a slur consisting of more than one piece.

I think it should be reasonably implementable to have slurs of more than
one segment as long as the _automatic_ slurs stay as they are.  With
regard to automatic slurs, one would probably want to have some measure
regarding slur badness and only attempt splitting into multiple segments
when that is pretty bad.

But the first step would be to allow for manually specified
multi-segment slurs.

David Kastrup

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