2016-09-18 20:26 GMT+02:00 Urs Liska <u...@openlilylib.org>:
> Am 18.09.2016 um 18:28 schrieb Simon Albrecht:
>> May I incorporate that into the LSR version?
> I suggest not to do anything right now. I assume that once I'll come up
> with the next iteration there will be more things to be discussed. I
> suggest to bring that to an end before deciding what to do with it.
> Maybe it would be good to include to LilyPond itself instead of the LSR.
> Urs

Hi all,

I have my doubts we will ever find a possibility to do it reasonable automatic.
What to do at linebreaks or if more than two splines are needed?

You probably already know the most extreme case, from Sorabji's Opus
Clavicembalisticum (1930):

The paper where the image is taken from lists some more extreme notations:


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