Kieren MacMillan wrote:

> need for granular control of all graphical elements in a score, I would
> assume.
> [...]
> text, hyphen, and extender are all different 
> parts of the presentation of lyrics [...]. Note also that this 
> distinction holds for ANY override (extra-offset, transparent, etc.).

> Now… More to your implicit point: there probably SHOULD be some syntactic
> sugar which would 
> override all aspects of Lyrics in a single setting [...]

Hi Kieren, 

thanks for your clarification.

I hadn't appreciated the point that David Kastrup mentions: the LyricHyphen
and LyricExtender are different in the sense that their engraving is
conditional; if space is available hyphens are inserted, if insufficient
space is available hyphens are omitted. So hyphens must be processed
somewhat separately, which I guess explains why they are commanded

For the particular score I'm working on the lyrics are to be in grey
throughout, so I just inserted those overrides in the block of layout

If I would have to toggle between black and grey lyrics several times I
would declare the following two variables:

lyricsGrey = {
\override LyricText.color = #grey
\override LyricText.LyricHyphen.color = #grey

lyricsRevert = {
\revert LyricText.color
\revert LyricText.LyricHyphen.color

And then insert those inside the lyricmode sections as needed.

Also, thanks for the discussion of using a music function, as a glimpse of
what is possible. 
(In my case, given my level of experience, I don't see myself attempting the
use of Lilypond music function in the foreseeable future.)

Colin Tennyson

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