Simon,Thank you very much for the help.Ming.

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 Subject: Re: cross staff slur
Hi Ming,

On 20.09.2016 14:32, MING TSANG wrote:
> hi, lilyponders:
> I have difficulty to generate the following by lilypond v2.19.47
> 1.  in clef bass bar2  I cannot generate " f'2. "-- it warns bar 
> check, i can only make it " f'2 "

You need parallel music expressions.

> 2.  in clef bass bar3  I don't know how to code the " d'4 "  -- why 
> produces cross staff beam?

The d' also requires a parallel music expression; the cross staff beam 
is produced because in 4/4, eigth notes are normally beamed by half bar. 
If you really don’t want the beam, you can either use manual beaming [] 
or adjust automatic behaviour by \set Timing.beamExceptions = #'() or by 
adjusting the default for 4/4 with \overrideTimeSignatureSettings. This 
is described in NR 1.2.4, ‘Setting automatic beam behavior’.

> 3.  starting slur is too high bar 2

Try \shape.

HTH, Simon

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