> When I try to "make" Lilypond on Ubuntu 16.04, the freetype headers
> are expected to be located in /usr/include/freetype2/.  That's also
> where Ubuntu's package libfreetype6-dev used to put them, at least
> in Ubuntu versions 14.04 to 15.10, but in 16.04 (also 12.04,
> interestingly), it's in /usr/include/freetype2/freetype/.  Hence, a
> symbolic link won't work and I'm not too eager to mess with a folder
> hierarchy that should be left under control of the package manager.
> Is there a command line option for make that I can supply to point
> it to the directory where the headers actually are?

Please give a precise log file.  The location of FreeType header files
has changed in version 2.5.1 and again in 2.6.  However, if you use
either the `freetype-config' script or the `freetype2.pc' file for
pkg-config tool to specify the header include directory, together with
proper header macros like FT_FREETYPE_H in the source code, nothing
should change for compilation.

Which version of lilypond are you going to compile?  You should
*always* mention this!  Have you tried the latest development version?


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