On 21.09.2016 19:48, tisimst wrote:
A next thing would be to show how this can be used to make flat slurs ;-)

If you try
\version "2.19.47"
  1-\tweak control-points #'((0 . -5)(1 . -5)(5 . -5)(6 . -5)) ( 1)
you see that the slur stencil procedure can produce a flat line (well, kind of, with the rounded sandwiching applied), so it’s possible to use this compoundSlur code with flat segments. I don’t know what you mean – do you mean ‘Novello-style’ moveable-type-like slurs with a rounded beginning, a long flat middle segment, and a rounded ending?

By the way, how do the curves appear when the thickness is more pronounced (i.e., thicker). Does it still come back down to a point at the end of each segment? My guess is it does (simply because I haven't tested it myself).

It sure does, and I thought that this is not a problem or in the contrary preferable because an engraver might have done the same, as in writing with a quill, so the curve naturally has these ‘bottlenecks’.

Best, Simon

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