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Hi everyone,

I had posted this in the LilyPond Facebook group a few days ago, but I
figured I'd share it here for those who do not use Facebook. Hope that's ok.

I've uploaded a new video showing a complete guide on how to use LilyPond
and MIDI input (Frescobaldi). Also I have resumed a weekly LilyPond tutorial
upload schedule. Topics include: SCHEME, score layout, page formatting,
markup, tweaks and overrides, and MusicXML. /Requests are welcomed./

Link to new MIDI LilyPond tutorial: http://bit.ly/LilyPondMIDI
(facebook post below)

Hey all,

I know it's been quite a while since I last shared a tutorial video with the
community, but I am happy to announce that I am back to my normal,
consistent, weekly upload schedule. I've had to deal with some family
situations, health concerns, and it all took way longer than I thought it
would. But I'm back!

I love LilyPond and it's such an amazing piece of software and the community
is such a great resource that I am so proud to give back wherever I can. I
do these tutorial videos as a way to say thank you to all of you for all
that you've done to help make LilyPond as amazing as it is today. Just want
to give back however I can.

I've uploaded two new tutorials tonight for those who are interested. I have
created a complete, step by step guide on setting up MIDI keyboards for MIDI
input to your scores (step-recording), configuring MIDI playback, instrument
assignments, MIDI channels, and MIDI export. I also talk about some new
updates in the LilyPond changelog as well.

I just wanted to share these links in hopes that new users may find them
useful and they'll love LilyPond as much as we all do.

Here is the link:

I'm going to be making new Scheme/LilyPond tutorials next week, along with
focusing on score layouts and tweaks/contexts. Please leave a comment if you
have any feedback or requests.

Thank you!

Hope you all have a nice week,


composer | sound designer 
LilyPond Tutorials (for beginners) --> http://bit.ly/bcl-lilypond
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