On 11.10.2016 06:26, Mark Mathias wrote:
LilyPond Friends,

The manuals explain how to hide tuplet numbers, but nowhere could I find an explanation of how to turn them back on. After many experiments, I finally found an easy way to control turning on tuplet numbers after turning them off. The secret was to enclose within curly brackets those tuplets whose number needed to be hidden.

This can’t have been the reason. \once makes the tweak valid for only one point of time, after which it will be immediately reverted. Additionally, there’s \undo which can be used as a shortcut for the corresponding \revert. So these examples both work as expected (at least, here they do):

\version "2.19.16"
m = \relative c' { \tuplet 3/2 { c8 c c } c4 }
  \once\hide TupletNumber \m
  \hide TupletNumber \m \m
  \undo\hide TupletNumber \m

HTH, Simon

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