After getting some very useful hints on this list about creating
scores for diatonic accordion, I would like to return for getting more
help on entering the basses in an easier way than having to manually
type the same information over and over again.

A few other things from the wishlist will come later.

I wrote the specification of what I want to achieve (but will shortly
repeat it below):


Here's an example of scores I did in "lazy mode" (see the basses:
there are only numbers + rhythm):


And here's an example of scores that I imported from a MIDI file and
something that I would like to eventually get with less effort (the
basses are complete; I still had to manually write the button numbers
– which is something that LilyPond might be able to do for me as a
special kind of conversion):


I would like to:

1.) Enter playing direction, button numbers (or chord names) with
durations just once.

2.) Define the mapping of buttons on the specific accordion for which
the scores are written

3.) Get full chords (engraved and in the midi file) without having to
tediously enter all individual chords (there are only 22 different
ones) a zillion times.

An acceptable way to enter the chords (this is what I do at the
moment) is for example the following:

\new FiguredBass {
  \figuremode {
    \repeat unfold 2 { <2>4 <3> <3> | <4> <3> <3> | } % pull
    \repeat unfold 4 { <4>4 <3> <3> | <2> <3> <3> | } % push
    \repeat unfold 2 { <2>4 <3> <3> | <4> <3> <3> | } % pull
    <6>4 <5> <5> | % push
    <4>4 <9> <7> | % pull
    <6 5>2.      | % pull

but I would like to get full chords engraved and played in the midi file.

More information is on the link above and I will gladly add more in
case something is not entirely clear.

I'm looking forward for ideas. Running the input through some external
pre-processor would be acceptable (even if I would prefer not to
"duplicate" input). I'm perfectly happy to write python/ruby/C[++]
code, but learning enough lisp to achieve what I want to do would be a
serious challenge.

Thank you,

PS: please CC me in reply.

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