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> Subject: Why warning: cannot end volta spanner?
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> Simon,
> Thanks  - that certainly does the trick. Though why there should be a
> warning message there at all is still beyond me (see the title to this
> thread!).

The warning happens in lily/volta-engraver.cc, where there is a comment:

/* fixme: be more verbose  */

The warning is issued because the program expects to end the spanner
either when the repeat element is over, or when a line break is
encountered, as in your example.  Consequently, you can set
voltaSpannerDuration to Mom 5/1 or Mom 13/1 in your example with no
warning.  (With results identical to the default without the manual
setting, of course.)

I'm not sure of the point of the warning.  Why else would you set
voltaSpannerDuration unless you want something out of the ordinary?

In any case, the warning should be more descriptive.


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