Knut Petersen wrote
> Am 29.11.2016 um 13:02 schrieb tapani:
>> I am producing a hymnal, using Lilypond and lilypond-book with xelatex. I
>> would like to insert biblical references in the margin of the page,
>> parallel
>> with the lyrics.
>> For example, in "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing", the lyrics "Ris'n with
>> healing in his wings" would have "Mal. 4:2" in the margin.
>> In TeX like systems, this is easily done with the \marginnote command.
> So do use TeX ;-) Put the attached files in an empty directory, don't
> forget to make mkhymex and mypdfcrop
> executable, then run ./mkhymex. You'll get an 8-page hymnal book with some
> example marginal notes.
> Two A5 pages on every side of an A4 sheet, correctly arranged for
> printing.

Thank you. I don't have everything installed on my system to make this
compile correctly, but even then I can see that it works.

Two problems:
1. I'm producing a hymnal with 100s of entries. To keep things tidy, those
hymns are in separate .ly files, and I then use lilypond-book to compile
them into one document. To embed every music file in a single (massive) .tex
document is not realistic at this stage of the project.

2. I'm too much of a newbie to understand /how/ your method works. Would you
be able to explain it to me in simple/ish terms, or do I just have to go
away and buy a LaTeX manual and really learn the language properly? OR,
alternatively, can I just insert the \newcount commands into my preamble and
use the \def\callback[etc.] argument in the document?

Sorry to be an ignoramus!

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